Interviewing, branding, article writing, research

Article for high-end fintech magazine

I wrote this article for the magazine "Banking in Switzerland and Liechtenstein". The goal was to promote the Swiss SaaS solution "SecureSafe". The final text was based on a direct interview with the company's CEO along with independent research.

Result: Brand exposure through a professional, well-researched article for a high-end magazine.

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Blog writing, content marketing, research

Blog series on digitalisation in banking

I researched and wrote a series of short blog articles that outline new trends in banking post digitalisation. This was part of a larger effort to boost online awareness of my client's fintech services.

Result: Website traffic was increased significantly.

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Content marketing, research, blog writing, content promotion

Content creation and promotion for architecture app

For this client, I researched and wrote a series of long blog articles (+1000 words) that were focussed on actionable advice for small and medium sized architect entrepreneurs. The tone of voice and style of writing was personal, informal and humorous. I included both personal experience and fact-based research in the articles.

I also handles the promotion of my blog posts including distribution on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Medium, Quora and Reddit.

Result: High-end blog posts to increase brand awareness and attract new app users. This job was part of a larger effort to strengthen my client's overall content marketing strategy.

Article example: The Best Tablet for Architects and Contractors

Article example: Why Outstanding Customer Service is the Best Marketing Strategy